Kreuzberg tour

Whoever wants to get to know the alternative Berlin …

...join us for a canoe trip through the heart of Kreuzberg, one of the city’s most fascinating and diverse neighbourhoods.
The trail between Urbanhafen and Oberschleuse offers many highlights. As we traverse the historic Landwehr canal and continue right up to an exceptionally beautiful part of the River Spree, you’ll soak up the mood of this open-minded, multicultural and alternative part of the city. Beginning at the harbour of the Urbanhafen, we’ll pass under the Admiral Bridge, paddle past the Turkish market, continuing via the canal through residential, urban and nightlife-rich areas till we reach the Spree.

The "all-rounder" among CANOA BERLIN's canoe tours is something for all those who want to combine active leisure fun with sightseeing and unusual insights into colorful Berlin.

  • e-add very close insights into alternative gems of Berlin
  • e-add many of Berlin’s beautiful sights
  • e-add pure fun & nature

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