Kreuzberg tour

Whoever wants to get to know the alternative Berlin …

… joins our tour through the heart of Kreuzberg. This trail offers many highlights, passing through the Landwehr Canal up to an exceptionally beautiful part of the Spree. 
From the grasslands at the port Urbanhafen across the Admiral Bridge up to the flea market at the Maybach shore and the Wagenburg Lohmühle you can feel the atmosphere of the open-minded, tolerant and multicultural Berlin. Of course you will gain a lot of knowledge especially about Berlin’s history on this tour and our guides are prepared to tell you amusing anecdotes about the probably most colourful part of Berlin. Upon a detour to the Spree, we paddle alongside famous attractions, such as the Oberbaum Bridge, Molecule Man and the beach bar Badeschiff. At the Osthafen we will look at the preserved remains of the old border control from the times of division of East and West Berlin. *This „allrounder“ among the canoe tours of CANOA BERLIN is something for everyone who seeks to combine leisure fun, sight seeing and unusual insights into the colourful Berlin. *

  • e-add very close insights into alternative gems of Berlin
  • e-add many of Berlin’s beautiful sights
  • e-add pure fun & nature

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