CANOA BERLIN is inviting you to actively explore the hidden gems of the city by canoe.

Los geht’s

Our Team


  • Yes. Canoeing is a nice and generally safe nature experience. As every sportive activity, canoeing also holds some risks. To make your trip on the water a safe one that you will never forget a guide will supervise your group the whole time. Before starting, each participant receives a swim vest and a short briefing about handling the canoe: The CANOA BERLIN team places a great deal of importance on your safety!

  • Yes. You do not need special knowledge before canoeing. Before going onto the water, our guides will show you the most important movements for handling the canoe. The speed on the tours is relaxed and perfect for beginners.

  • We recommend all participants to wear headgear and apply sunscreen. People with very sensitive skin should wear long-sleeved clothes as a protection against the sun. When it´s hot, it is of course important to be hydrated and drink enough water.

  • Every boat has a waterproof canoe barrel inside of it in which you can store your belongings.